Saluting Innovation @ Airbus


Saluting Innovation at Airbus for testing a new technology that will alleviate the headache of lost luggage and waiting in line for check-in at the airport. They've created “Bag2Go”, an innovative smart baggage system designed to make air travel more efficient for both passengers and the airlines. Bag2Go can be controlled by a smartphone and integrates electronic bag tagging with paperless check-in. It is equipped with a scale to weigh contents and allows for real-time tracking and self-service drop off at the airport. As the first digitally-enabled suitcase, Bag2Go will offer benefits for airlines as well, including reduced operating costs and turnaround time, fewer lost bags, and complete online check-in for customers. The excitement of traveling should not be hindered by stress at the airport. We salute Airbus for responding to the growing market trend in passengers preferring self-service systems by creating something that will make the airport a more enjoyable place.