Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in Semiconductor

With the semiconductor industry’s daunting design challenges, accelerated lifecycles, and complex supply chains, it is no wonder that product launch dates, development budgets, and quality targets are frequently missed. To help understand the industry challenges and possible solutions, Kalypso examined the product innovation, design and launch processes of more than 25 leading global semiconductor companies. This paper reveals the results.

Now That Your Product Portfolio Management Implementation is Complete, Where is the ROI?

Many of us have experienced the trials and tribulations of product and portfolio management (PPM) process and technology implementations in new product development.  Finally completing an implementation after the business case justification, executive alignment, software acquisition, design, testing, training and data loading can be somewhat anti-climactic.

Viewpoint on BusinessWeek’s “Innovation Interrupted”

Last week Business Week's Chief Economist, Michael Mandel, published an article titled "Innovation, Interrupted - The Failed Promise of Innovation in the U.S." where he stated and supported his belief that U.S. innovation has failed to realize its promise over the last decade. He correctly asserts that "a high-wage country such as the U.S. either has to develop innovative products and services to compete with low-cost countries such as China or accept a lower standard of living." In May, Mandel published another article pointing out that U.S. companies are slashing their professional research and development workforces to deliver short-term results; effectively "eating our seed corn to get through the financial crisis." What should we do about it?

Product Lifecycle Management Transformation: The Journey to Best-in-Class Product Development

Maybe the collective corporate hangover from large-scale investments in information systems is starting to fade. The results of recent Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) benchmark reports demonstrate that some companies are getting over their hangovers faster than others – and have learned a few lessons along the way.