Rhetoric to Results

My presentation at South by Southwest last weekend in Austin was packed. Must have been the word “innovation” in the title. The Onion posted a satirical article that said the word “innovate” was used 650,000 times at SXSW. I promise that I was only responsible for a small fraction of those. The slides I used are presented here. The material may not make complete sense without the voiceover, but I believe you can get a feel for the message.

The presentation references the 33,528 times the word innovation was used in SEC filings in 2012. There is plenty of rhetoric when it comes to innovation. There is also evidence that more organizations are taking innovation results seriously as well. The rising role of the Chief Innovation Officer is one of those data points. The number of organizations naming an executive with accountability for delivering growth from innovation is increasing dramatically, up from 30% to 43% in one year.

Based on the questions I received during the presentation, the challenges are well understood and progressive organizations are taking steps to move from rhetoric to results.