PLM Power – Summary

Over the past few weeks I have covered my top seven characteristics of successful enterprise PLM programs. These critical success factors are a result of my observations of multiple large-scale PLM programs at a number of global organizations earlier this summer. My conclusion is that the most successful programs exhibit the following attributes (each of these is a link to an individual post):

1.       Solution Simplicity

2.       Speed of Execution

3.       Program Management

4.       Business Sponsorship

5.       Engaged Governance

6.       Value Orientation

7.       Transformation Leadership

I believe that these factors are highly correlated with program success when success is defined as delivering the expected business value with on-time and on-budget execution of the program. While these characteristics may apply to any corporate change initiative, PLM offers a set of unique challenges that are the result of its population of users and narrowly defined functional history. You can do better.

If you are in the middle of a PLM implementation, or are contemplating the launch of a program, ask yourself how you stack up against these critical success factors. Be honest. My experience says that you probably have opportunity for improvement.