PLM Power #7 – Transformation Leadership

Enterprise PLM programs can be platforms for transformational change. With a strong business sponsor, engaged governance, and an orientation toward value, you have all the ingredients you need to deliver step-change levels of improvement in innovation performance. The more strategic the program, the more value the program can deliver.

PLM transformation is a complex undertaking that requires smart organizational change management strategies and tactics. The professional and highly intelligent nature of the user base necessitates advanced capabilities to manage the organizational impact from the reallocation of work and to drive adoption of the solution and new way of working. 

The further down the continuum the program slides toward systems replacement, the more difficult it is going to be to deliver real results. In a transformational program everything is on the table: organizational redesign and redefinition of roles; reallocation of work inside and outside the company; business process reengineering; shifting the mix in investment in different types of innovation; and the IT solutions that enable product development. It is much more that implementing a piece of software.

This type of change often requires expertise that comes in the form of an experienced consulting partner. Most companies do not have the capacity to take on a transformation program without some external assistance. A strategic consulting partner provides not just horsepower, they bring competency in the specific solution being implemented and the experience to manage large-scale transformational programs. My self-serving advice is to get the help you need.

Transformation is a powerful organizational motivator that requires a combination of visionary leadership with the tactical ability to execute. PLM is an opportunity. Go for it.