The CINO’s Team #9 – Summary

Properly defined, the Chief Innovation Officer’s role is too large to handle without a dedicated team of people to assist them with the execution of their varied responsibilities. Over the past few weeks I have identified a number of roles that I would want on my team in the corporate innovation function. They are:  

1.       Portfolio Analyst

2.       Performance Analyst

3.       Capability Leaders

4.       Innovation Specialists

5.       Scouts and Incubators

6.       Strategy Support

7.       Information Systems Support

8.       Informed Outsiders

Of course, a complete team filling all of these roles may have more than 15 or 20 people. That is likely too much of an investment for all but the largest, global companies. In less complex environments, you might be able to combine these responsibilities into fewer people, but each of these roles is addressing an important part of the innovation engine.

The responsibilities of a corporate Chief Innovation Officer in a large, established enterprise are far too great to realistically be handled by one person, no matter what super hero powers they may possess. I believe these roles are critical to the success of any effort to transform the innovation performance of an organization.

Of course, building a team at this level will place pressure on the Chief Innovation Officer to produce results. With the right experts in these roles that will be much easier to do. The lone ranger innovation officer is much less likely to be successful than the one with a team of competent professionals driving a transformation. Don’t do it alone.