7 Chronic Problems Summary

Over the past couple of weeks I have written about the seven chronic innovation problems I see each day in my work with clients in a diverse set of industries. These common ailments are evident to some degree in almost every organization I encounter. Even if the issues are not acute, they prevent organizations from reaching their potential in growth from innovation.

Here is the list of chronic problems with links to the individual posts that explore each one in more detail:

  1. Lack of an innovation strategy
  2. Lack of cross-functional alignment
  3. Overloaded product development pipelines
  4. Rampant incrementalism
  5. Unclear accountability for results
  6. Short-term orientation
  7. Lack of skills

Addressing these ailments is the job of the Chief Innovation Officer. I would be interested in your feedback on these challenges. What prevents companies from addressing them? Solving all of these problems would be transformational for many organizations. The answers are clear and yet the task seems insurmountable.