Chief Innovation Officer Retreat

The final plans are coming together for the Chief Innovation Officer Retreat in Miami on April 11 & 12. We’ve got a great group of senior innovation executives attending what I am certain will be a memorable couple of days. The format is open and we intend to work on real problems together.

Chris Trimble is going to facilitate the first day of the event. Chris is on the faculty at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and has written five books on innovation. With Chris we are going to explore the specific challenges associated with nurturing breakthrough innovation that is outside the core business. His books The Other Side of Innovation and How Stella Saved the Farm are based on his extensive research on how successful companies manage innovation initiatives beyond the core.

Karl Ronn is our guest facilitator on the second day. Karl is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and new product developer with deep understanding of all aspects of innovation. He is going to lead discussions and workshops on innovation strategy and business model innovation. Karl’s hands-on experience bringing new business models to market as both an entrepreneur and as a member of a large corporate staff give him a unique perspective to share with the participants.

Of course, we plan to have some fun while we are there as well. After all, it is already springtime in Miami. Come join the fun.