Portfolio Review Questions

Over the past couple of months we have explored the twelve questions that should be asked and answered during comprehensive reviews of an innovation portfolio. While these reviews take place infrequently, they provide us with the opportunity to clearly evaluate the choices we are making – or not making – in the management of our innovation investment portfolio.


8.       What are the constraints to delivering the projects in the portfolio?

9.       Which projects should we accelerate, delay, or kill completely?

10.      How can we shift key resources around to deliver the portfolio?

11.       What is the impact of loading proposed projects into the pipeline?

12.      Are there white space opportunities that are not being addressed?

The business discipline of innovation portfolio management takes time to develop and master. Just collecting the information to perform the analyses implied by these questions is a giant task. It is difficult, but it also is one of the most powerful tools in the Chief Innovation Officer’s toolbox.