Change Your Latitude

My work in innovation tends to focus on perspiration more than inspiration. The path of an idea from inception to successful commercialization is full of challenges that require hard work and organizational skill to overcome. I often say that there is no shortage of ideas, it is making them work that is difficult.

But where do those ideas originate and how do you make the time to think creatively? There may no shortage of ideas, but where do the good ones come from? The disciplines on the front end of your innovation process are critical and are the subject of many a book, seminar and consulting engagement. You can hold virtual ideation jams, conduct brainstorming sessions, crowdsource ideas from customers, and spend a tremendous amount of energy filling the idea bucket with a large number of concepts.

Or you can escape the office and head to a place where you can make time slow down and open up space for creative endeavors. Do what I did this past weekend and take your team to the islands to have some fun and do the important work of imagining the future. Royal Belize is a private island with luxury accommodations that caters to the creative set. It is a source of inspiration that sure beats a heated conference room somewhere in the middle of another polar vortex. If you need or want great ideas, change your latitude.