Responsibility #1 - Business Results


A few months back, in the inaugural post of this site, I wrote about the rising role of the Chief Innovation Officer and listed a set of responsibilities that should define the job on most executive teams. The number one responsibility on the list was “improving and delivering results from innovation.”

This must be the top priority of the Chief Innovation Officer. It is only way to justify the position and must be her primary reason for being. Many of the other responsibilities address the how of innovation. Business results is all about the what. We don’t invest in innovation for the sake of innovation. Cool technology and unique business models may be exciting, but they must also create value for the organization in order to matter.  

With all of the work to do to define strategy, shape the portfolio, and build organizational capability, it is easy to lose sight of the goal and spend all your time focused on inputs and processes. Delivering improved business results should be the mission and ambition of the Chief Innovation Officer.