Bill is currently working on his first book, The Chief Innovation Officer’s Playbook. This playbook is meant to be a guide for all new Chief Innovation Officers as they work to define their new role within their organization.


The Chief Innovation Officer’s Playbook


Designing your organization to consistently deliver organic growth from innovation is a multi-year journey. Innovation officers need to meet today’s payroll to deliver the results needed to sustain a healthy business and enable the funding of innovation efforts. At the same time, an innovation officer must lead the company to deliver the future by creating new innovation platforms and ensuring their organization has the right capabilities, people and processes in place to deliver them.

While there are many new innovation officers, there remains a great deal of ambiguity to the responsibilities of this position. The absence of an actionable playbook and metrics to define innovation success has driven talented, ambitious executives to chart their own course; a course that after months of cross-functional trailblazing and uphill battles against the performance engine, far too often culminates in newly anointed innovation officers walking the plank. The purpose of this playbook is to prevent that from happening.

This playbook overviews the scope of responsibilities for the Chief Innovation Officer and provides a handful of tools, strategies, and approaches that can help innovation officers consistently deliver organic growth from innovation. After some context setting, the book identifies common barriers that restrict innovation in large organizations and contrasts these hurdles with proven success drivers. For innovation officers, this book serves as a guide for what they need to do in the first two weeks, ninety-days, and year to be a successful agent of change.

The Innovation Officer Playbook is structured around the core principle that companies are unique. After first leading officers through fundamental steps for setting an innovation transformation journey in motion, the playbook serves as a non-linear guide that any Chief Innovation Officer can pick up and use to define their own path. As such, this playbook is not intended to be prescriptive in terms of sequence of steps, but rather, as a toolkit that inherently drives its readers to action.