Bill Talks

Bill not only writes about innovation and leadership, he talks about it too. Sometimes we force him to sit for the camera so that we can share what he has to say with you. The videos below are filled with short bits of wisdom culled from Bill’s speaking engagements, consulting assignments, writing, research, and professional experience. There is no telling what he might say. Enjoy them and let us know what you think.

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SXSW 2014 Clips

SXSW: The Shift to Startups

SXSW: It's Getting Harder to Move the Bottom Line

Bill's Favorite Things - 2013

The Role of the Chief Innovation Officer

Tying Business Strategy to Innovation Strategy

 Work-life Balance

Fostering Trust with Clients

SXSW: Finding Your R&D Effectiveness Ratio

The Path of the CIO 


Culture vs. Strategy

Attract a Younger Demographic

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