About Bill

For the past 25 years Bill has helped Chief Innovation Officers in technology-driven industries transform their organizations to deliver results.  Bill is a Founder and Managing Partner of Kalypso, a global professional services firm focused exclusively on helping companies deliver on the promise of innovation. He is a highly regarded consultant, speaker, and writer on the topics of innovation strategy, product development, portfolio management, technology commercialization, and the software systems that enable innovation.

Bill’s mission is to help leaders harness innovation to drive sustainable growth. His work with Chief Innovation Officers and other executives in a variety of industries provides him with a unique perspective to share with clients and audiences around the world. As the leader of the world’s premier innovation consulting firm, he has extensive experience in helping global companies improve their innovation results.

Bill found his true vocation when he launched the nonprofit Stelos Alliance in 2008 with longtime friend, Melinda Keller. The mission of the alliance is to help extraordinary young leaders at the collegiate level reach their potential through financial assistance and educational programs. Stelos awards numerous scholarships annually to deserving student leaders. It is also home to the Housley Principled Leadership Program which Bill teaches with passion and purpose to dozens of young people each year at multiple universities.

 He began his professional career in the hospitality business in Hawaii and returned to his roots in 2013 with the start of Muy-Ono, a resort and tour management business in Belize. Under the leadership of good friends Cortney Behrends and Tracy Ford, Muy-Ono manages a portfolio of ten resorts, islands, and related tour businesses. The firm leads the industry in Belize with innovative marketing strategies and an “adventure in luxury” approach to creating memorable guest experiences.

Along the way Bill has served as a director on multiple corporate and nonprofit boards including the Texas State University Development Foundation and Alumni Association, Getaway2Give, Equity Estates, and Low Hanging Fruit. He has taught, mentored, and guided the careers of hundreds of successful professionals as a business leader, coach, teacher, advisor, and friend. Bill’s businesses have been recognized with countless awards and accolades for their relentless focus on values, professional development and philanthropy.

His latest business venture is a lifestyle company named Live Large that aims to create communities of individuals that are committed to living lives that are consequential, memorable and inspiring. The Live Large Manifesto was authored by Bill as a guide for purposeful and intentional living. The company will expand geographically using an innovative ambassador model that makes money while serving a higher purpose.

Through his family investment firms, Kianalei Capital and Hephaestus Capital, Bill is the principal investor in several startup companies, real estate ventures, a charter boat, a good fantasy fiction trilogy, a bad feature length comedy, and an island or four. His passion for exploration and adventure keeps him moving around the world in search of more extreme forms of hiking, SCUBA diving, snow skiing, boating and all types of fishing.

Bill is a proud graduate of Pearland High School, Texas State University and the University of Texas, which granted him a master’s degree in business administration and cursed him to Longhorn fandom.

Bill keeps his “north of fifty” body in condition with a punishing exercise regimen and a crazy diet that includes lots of really good wine. While he lives with a “no fixed address” mentality, he and his wife, Richele, can occasionally be found at their home in the Texas Hill Country where their four adult children and a growing number of grandchildren infrequently congregate from far-flung parts of the world for raucous family time. He writes about all of this at bill-poston.com.

Bill is proud to serve and associate with the following organizations: